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The team here at easybnb have assisted students to earn thousands of pounds from their student lets which would otherwise have remained empty for the duration of term breaks.

We have a number of options available to suit individual needs that we will happily discuss but rest-assured you will be able to get back some of that hard earned cash that is being spent on rent.


We take care of everything.....allowing you to take a step back and avoid the commitment that a holiday property requires.


  Our local team at easybnb can advise on every aspect of your requirements.


We know that many students enjoy time overseas or with family and you can trust us to manage your property, safe in the knowledge that we are earning you money while you enjoy your travels.


We take pride in being professional Airbnb co-hosts.

Co-hosting is easy to set up and every part of the service we offer is designed to make your life easier.

If you already have an Airbnb listing we can discuss your requirements and agree the areas you need managed by us.

Alternatively, we can talk you through each aspect of creating your listing on Airbnb and have your property online quickly.

  Our local team at easybnb can advise on every aspect of your requirements.


We will guarantee you a fixed amount for sub-letting your property.


In simple terms this means you know exactly how much you will earn from your property at the outset and you don't carry any risk of it performing poorly during the sub-let period.

  Our local team at easybnb can advise further on this option and assess whether it fits with your requirements.

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